About us

Aankura is a nongovernmental non-profit, engineering and architectural organization founded with the purpose of assisting the development and prosperity of Nepal through planning and construction. It aims to leverage the architectural and engineering skills and expertise of motivated professionals interested in socially responsible design. It’s a platform that brings experts ,technicians and allied professionals together to solve the needs of communities of Nepal through architectural designs ,interventions and constructions in creative and environment friendly way. We aspire to catalyse development creating the spaces that sparks public participation and make differences in their lives as in socio-economical impact and at the same time preserving cultural values.
Founded in the aftermath of April Nepal Earthquake 2015, we want our organization Aankura to be the sprouts of Hope and Resilience. Aankura in first phase aims to assist the ongoing earthquake reconstruction progress in Nepal.

Aankura was officially launched on November 24th at st. Joseph’s auditorium, Koramangala, Bangalore, India during the event of kanthari Talks 2018.
Here is our founder Ar. Pragya Raut presenting her earthquake experiences and motivation/concepts of Aankura.