In the aftermath of Nepal Earthquake 2015, with nearly 8,00000 buildings either rebuilt or under reconstruction, the current housing scenario of the country is random and compromises with different aspects of sustainability.

The earthquake came as an unannounced message to people that only concrete houses built in modern styles are earthquake resistant. They hesitate to build in local architectural style as a result of which these earthquake destructed communities are slowly losing their cultural values. i.e Typical Nepali architecture is being replaced by western styles.

We, Aankura Team, construct/reconstruct public buildings in eco friendly and earthquake resistant way in traditional vernacular architecture together with active public participation so that it acts as role model and catalyst in that particular community. We also help to plan, design and construct individual building of these values.

Our First Project

We have undertaken the reconstruction of Ugratara Library in Saankhu as our first pilot project. We are excited that Local management team & local evaluation team has been formed. The local municipal body is supporting us and we are almost done with the design of library.
Here is the first look of our proposed Library in traditional Newari design. It will be two storied. The ground floor will be rest house, keeping in consideration of the context of site. Situated in Salkha Tole, Site is culturally vibrant with different feast/festivals at times. The upper floor will have Library in it.

The foundation of library was completed recently and 

Representative image of South side view
Represtative image of west side view of Library


Sustainable architecture

Eco friendly design

Earthquake resistant

Cost effective design

Vernacular architecture

Active public participation